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Achieve Hormonal Balance With Naturopathy

At Marda Loop Wellness our Naturopathic Doctors have helped thousands of women in Calgary improve their hormonal health so they can live a more vibrant life.

When Your Hormones Are Off, You're Not You

When our hormones are out of balance, it can significantly impact our overall well-being and quality of life. Unfortunately, many women often overlook the connection between their symptoms and hormonal imbalances. Below are some common health complaints by women that can be affected by hormone imbalances.

Common Hormone Related Health Complaints By Women

1. Your Periods Have a Mind of Their Own

If your monthly cycles are more like a guessing game, with missed periods or unpredictable heavy and light flows, it might be your hormones signaling for attention.

2. Mood Swings on the Ride

Finding yourself suddenly teary or irritated? Hormones can be big players in our emotional world, affecting our mood and even leading to feelings of depression or anxiety.

3. Sneaky Weight Changes

If the scale is moving up or down without clear reason, hormones like thyroid ones, insulin, and cortisol could be the backstage managers.

4. Tired All the Time?

Feeling exhausted even after a good night’s sleep can hint at hormonal culprits needing a check-up.

5. Sleepy Time Troubles

Trouble catching those Z’s or staying in dreamland? Hormones like progesterone and cortisol might be out of sync.

6. Is It Hot in Here?

Experiencing sudden warmth and night sweats can be tied to the big changes in hormones during menopause but other hormonal imbalances can also be the cause.

7. Skin and Hair Adventures

If your skin and hair are acting up with acne, oiliness, or unexpected hair loss, it’s worth looking into hormones like those affected by PCOS.

8. Libido Taking a Vacation

 A dip in desire can be linked to shifts in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels.

9. Fertility Frustrations

Having a tough time getting pregnant can sometimes point to hormonal hurdles affecting your ovulation.

10. Headache Havens

Those annoying headaches or migraines could be knocking on your door due to estrogen’s ups and downs.

11. Breast Changes

If your breasts are tender or you notice changes, it could be your body’s way of hinting at hormonal changes.

12. Vaginal Dryness

This can be quite uncomfortable and is often a sign of lower estrogen levels, especially around menopause.

13. Brain Fog

Finding it hard to focus or remember things? Estrogen and thyroid hormones might be playing tricks on your brain.

There Has To Be A Better Way

For women who have sought medical assistance from their family doctor or even seen specialists, it can be disheartening to receive treatments that merely manage symptoms without addressing the root cause, and potentially come with their own set of side effects. In some cases, they may even hear the disheartening words, “I simply don’t know if there is anything we can do for you.”

Effective Hormone Support For Women

Our unique and effective hormone support and treatment methods have helped thousands of women regain hormonal balance, restore their well-being, and improve their overall quality of life. We specialize in addressing the underlying causes of hormonal imbalances and creating personalized treatment plans that work for each individual patient.

So what’s unique about how Marda Loop Wellness Rebalances Hormones?

  • Looking at hormones through a naturopathic lens looks at the whole body and the interconnected systems to look for clues on why the hormones may be deregulated.
  • We have tighter actionable ranges on labs that identify issues sooner or may lead to clues to why there are hormonal issues.
  • Our team of all women Naturopathic doctors get women hormones. Many of them have worked through their own hormone imbalances, and have firsthand experience what your going through.
  • We have a wide breath of treatments, therapies, modality, supplements, diagnostic tools and strategies to help support rebalance your hormones without harsh drugs or treatments with undesirable side effects.
  • The way we deliver healthcare is truly unique as well. You can learn more about that here

What does Hormone Treatment Look Like?

  1. Comprehensive intake: that helps me understand your unique situation, history, goals and the various influences on your health.
  2. Lab Work: We review your previous lab work and may order further hormone testing (when feasible), which can be done via basic blood work or more comprehensive urine assessment.
  3. Develop a treatment plan: often lasting 3-6 months (possibly longer for menopause or fertility journeys).
  4. Follow Up Appointments: Check-ins are scheduled sparingly, but as needed, until we have corrected the hormone imbalance or solved the presenting concerns.

Typical Costs For 3 Months:

  • Initial (up to 90 min): $300
  • Follow ups (1x a month): $105 – $155
  • Total Lab Costs. Typically Between $0 – $800
  • Supplements: $50 to $100 / month.
  • Total cost for 3 month treatments: Between $765 to $1,865

Imagine what your life would be like if you could….

  • Stabilize your moods and energy levels.
  • Regain confidence as your skin clears and glows with health.
  • Enjoy a predictable monthly cycle that doesn’t interrupt life activities.
  • Thrive during perimenopause and menopause as you transition gracefully without suffering.
  • Optimize fertility and experience the joys of new motherhood.
  • Reconnect intimately with your partner.

Bring Your Body Back In Harmony With Marda Loop Wellness

 Achieve hormonal balance with our dedicated women’s health team. Schedule your appointment today.

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