Genetics & Your HEALTH

Genetics & Your Health

Calgary Genetic Testing + Naturopathic Care

On the most fundamental level, what makes you different from anyone else is your genetic makeup. Genes code for every single aspect of your physiological life: appearance, propensity to certain diseases, biochemicals of emotion, allergies, susceptibility to medications, and the ability or inability to detoxify. But you are not victim to your genes; your life experience is not pre-determined. The environment, your perceptions of it, and the quality of your overall health interact with your genes to create your life’s path. While we cannot change our genes, we can modify their expression.

What if there were a way to look at your specific genetic code and match treatments that would prevent disease, balance the biochemicals of emotion, alter gene expression, prevent or treat cancer, avoid allergic reactions and create the most optimal version of you? There is a way, and it is simple and cost-effective. After doing an extensive genetic analysis, our doctors develop treatment plans that are unique to your genetic code.

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Dr. Sarah Roth

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Hi! I’m Dr. Sarah Roth, your guide in the world of genetic testing and wellness. Feeling puzzled by genetic health? I’m here to simplify it for you. We’ll dive into your genetic makeup to shed light on your health and find the right wellness path for you.

I promise to listen, support, and lead you towards feeling vibrant again. Let’s start this journey together, unlocking the secrets of your health through genetics.

– Dr. Sarah Roth

Think of it not as genetic engineering. We're not cutting and pasting genes here. Instead, it's all about how our environment and nutrients influence genetic expression, enzymatic activities, and keeping everything in biochemical harmony.

Our Naturopathic doctors are amid a handful of doctors pioneering the field of nutrigenomics and are experts in genetic testing, analysis and treatment. After identifying specific SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms – i.e. gene mutations), our doctors create treatment plans that optimize genetic activity, working with nutrition, supplementation, intravenous nutrient therapy, counseling and lifestyle coaching.

If you have any health condition, or wish to prevent having one, if you struggle with fertility or mental illness, if you respond poorly to medication, true individualized medicine will give you more specific information about your body.

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Dr. Sarah Roth

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