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Calgary Pediatric Naturopathic Support For Your Baby's First 18 Months

First18 Program For Newborns

Parenting is an endless journey of wonder, joy, and yes…exhaustion. But you don’t have to navigate it alone.

As parents, we know the feeling.

A tiny human that steels your heart and depends on you for everything. The sleepless nights, endless feedings, and blowout diapers. Not to mention the constant questions: is this rash normal? Why are they crying? When do we start solids? Is this just a phase? You find yourself wishing for a wise, and trusted resource.

That’s where The First18 comes in.

Created by Dr. Hillary Dinning, The First18 provides step-by-step naturopathic support for your child’s all-important first 18 months of life. With Dr. Hillary’s expertise, you will leave empowered by your parenting abilities.

Through all 4 stages of a baby’s development, the First18 gives you and your growing baby:

  • Tailored 1-on-1 appointments at key milestones.
  • Knowledge about development, the health of their body systems, and how to support their growth.
  • Reassurance that you’ve got this! Trust your intuition.
  • Ongoing support for sleep, skin, digestion, immunity, and behavior.
  • Empowerment to raise a healthy, thriving child.

As the fog of early parenting lifts, you’ll feel equipped, encouraged, and connected.

Stop second-guessing yourself. Start getting comprehensive naturopathic support.

Nurture their first 549 days with the First18

From Your Trusted Calgary Pediatric Naturopathic Doctor

Information + Empowerment For Your Baby's First 18 Months

Embrace your parenting journey with Dr. Dinning.


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