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You find yourself needing to call our clinic after hours, just as you’re about to leave a voicemail, an important call comes in that you must take.

The next day, a cheery and attentive staff member reaches out to you, acknowledging that they saw your call from the previous day and asks if there’s anything they can assist you with. As you explain your situation, they effortlessly book your appointment while offering a warm and friendly presence on the phone.

Now, fast forward to the day of your visit. As you walk into our clinic, you are greeted with a genuine smile, instantly feeling a sense of comfort and ease. The waiting room, unlike the sterile atmosphere of a hospital, feels like a cozy living room, creating a soothing environment.

After a very brief wait, your naturopathic doctor warmly greets  you and you step into a room where your visit is unhurried. Our naturopathic doctor takes the time to listen and really understand your health concerns, recognizing that it’s rare for someone to have only one. With patience and empathy, they guide you through a comprehensive discussion, giving you a newfound understanding of how your body works and providing options on how you can optimize your health.

During this appointment, something remarkable occurs – you begin to realize that our naturopath is not just a healthcare professional, but a true partner in your journey towards better health. They outline a tailored treatment plan and a clear path forward that not only addresses your symptoms but also targets the root causes of your health concerns, aiming to prevent the return of these symptoms.

Leaving the appointment, you feel empowered and inspired, knowing that you have a dedicated partner in health who is committed to helping you become the best version of yourself. It’s a transformative feeling, knowing that you have found a clinic that truly cares about your well-being and is ready to support you on your healing journey.

Embrace wellness from the comfort of your home with our virtual Naturopathic consults!

At our clinic, we're dedicated to providing you with safe and secure online naturopathic consultations, ensuring your health journey is both convenient and confidential.

This service is exclusively available to Alberta residents, offering you expert care no matter where you are in the province.

Our Naturopathic Doctors would love to meet you for the initial appointment to establish a strong foundation for your health journey. Understanding life's demands, we offer the flexibility of virtual follow-ups, making holistic health accessible to everyone.

Our clinic offers a distinctive healthcare approach not covered by Alberta Health Services (AHS), enabling longer appointments, a broad range of services, and exceptional, patient-focused care.

Our flexible model ensures personalized and comprehensive support for your health journey, all within a welcoming environment.

If you have health benefits or a health spending account, you can be covered or partially covered for our services. Please consult your advisor for more details.

No, they don’t have access to Netcare.

We recommend setting up a MyHealth Records account for anyone over 14 so that your Naturopath can get a copy of your results.

If the patient is under 14, then we can send your medical Doctor a release of records request.

To create a report from MyHealth Records:

  1. Once logged in to the app or website, Go to tools and settings (looks like a gear)
  2. Click on print report (or depending on device type - may say export report)
  3. Then there will be a list of checkboxes with different options, click on the 'unclick all' box.
  4. Then click the checkboxes for the sections you want to include in your report - like labs, medications, vaccines, etc
  5. Specify the date range you'd like to include
  6. it can be printed or emailed as a PDF document

This can be done from a home computer, a phone, an iPad, or a tablet.

What Tests Do You Offer?

A full list of lab tests we offer can be found on the  Comprehensive Labs Testing page.

Our main test suppliers are Cell Science Systems, Doctor’s Data, Genova Diagnostics, Mosaic Diagnostics, Rocky Mountain Analytical, Precision Analytical (DUTCH test), Realtime Laboratories and more.

When Can I Return The Lab Test Kits?

Please make sure that your requisition and test tubes/vials have all the required information filled out.

Test kits have to be returned Monday - Thursday before 12 PM for us to mail them out. We cannot ship them outside of this window. Please do not return kits on Friday or Saturday.

Do I Have To Follow Up With My Naturopathic Doctor?

Yes. Your doctor needs to review the test results with you. Even if they seem straightforward or ‘normal’ it is important for them to consider this in your treatment plan.

Who gets the test results?

These go directly to your Naturopath but we are happy to provide you a copy after your follow-up visit.

Do you know of any walk-in clinic where I can get my bloodwork done?

Riverbend Atrium One is a clinic that strictly offers walk-ins. They are open M-F 7 – 4:30. Other clinics include Beddington Towne Centre, Glenbrook Plaza, Mcknight, and Sunridge Professional.

We do not offer skin whitening, microneedling or botox.

We are on the second floor and do not have wheelchair access. If you think this may be a problem please give us a call at 403-910-1133

Check out the parking map on our Contact Us page.

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