Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained infertility

Have you gone through all the proper testing with your fertility doctor and have been deemed unexplained fertility? Although this could be viewed as a positive, its also quite a bit frustrating as you are just dying for answers!

The fertility journey is a hard one to navigate. Often times we feel as though whatever we are working towards, if we work hard enough, we get what we want. This is not always the case for the fertility journey. Getting in your head about it, figuring out everything you can ‘do’ to get pregnant is oftentimes stressful and downright overwhelming. Here’s where I come in.

I am here to be the ‘mouse on the wheel in your head’, allowing me to put all the pieces together, leaving you feeling more settled in your body.

I will read your labs (oftentimes with different reference ranges than conventional medicine), indicate others we may need, prioritize your supplements that you have heard are helpful, bring in other team members such as traditional Chinese medicine, medical doctors or other fertility doctors aside from the current one you use.

For the most part, I believe there is an answer to your issue. I’m happy to explore this with you, leaving you with answers and a plan. I look forward to connecting!

This article was written by Dr. Hillary Dinning, ND.  To book an appointment with Dr. Hillary click here.

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