Tweenager Anxiety

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We are coming to the end of the first semester at school, your tweenagers have settled in…or have they? Do they have any ongoing school jitters? Has their sleep patterns changed in the last couple of months aside from just a new routine of back to school? Do they all of a sudden have digestive issues? Is their mood a bit ‘on edge’?

Anxiety about school may be playing a role.

SO much goes on for this age group during this transition and change. If this seems to be a problem in your household or if you’re looking to troubleshoot if this IS a problem, I can help! Here’s how:

First, we will look at identifying what the specific cause is of those jitters. We’ll then take a look at what body systems and aspects of health are being affected including the adrenals, nervous system, digestion, cognition, mood, energy, and sleep. So many factors for such a little person, right?

Good thing naturopathic medicine is so great at supporting all angles of this.

And that’s just what we will do. Through a series of testing, and a long intake we can then build a treatment plan that can support them not only through the first few months of school, but longer-term so that they lasting effects through the following years! Benefits to your tweens will be healthier digestion and therefore a thriving immune system, calming the nervous system, boosting their energy, supporting their sleep, modulating the ‘sugar highs and lows’ and boosting their overall mood.

Here’s to a great year at school!

This article was written by Dr. Hillary Dinning, ND.  To book an appointment with Dr. Hillary click here.

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