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Kevin Marjarom


Kevin Marjarom has been professionally certified by The Four Winds Society – Light Body School in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine Program and the Master Certificate Program. Kevin has been performing energy medicine for 10 years. He has travelled to Peru multiple times to work with the shaman in both the high Andes Mountains and the Amazon.

The work performed is at the energetic level where energy that is intrusive to the body is removed. This energy if kept in the body could manifest into health issues caused by daily life stresses. Extraction processes are used to remove the energies from the body’s Luminous Energy Field. Shamanic journeying is used to visit past incidents that have created life traumas that manifest into the present in the form of fears and anxieties. Ceremonies with fire and prayer bundles are used to bring individuals or groups back into universal balance. Divination stone readings are used to vision the obstacles in our lives and work to remove them to change our destiny. In addition, Shamanic processes are taught through the Dying Consciously Program to help prepare our loved ones to cross over to the next world. All of this energy work enables a person to live more fully and consciously.

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