Lisa Marie Walker

Lisa Marie Walker
Massage Therapist

Lisa Marie is a long-time practitioner of the healing and ceremonial arts. She is passionate about her work and embodies 30 years of experience in her hands. Each time she approaches her table it is like a ceremony of replenishment and rejuvenation.

Lisa embarked on a one-year Manual Osteopathic Therapy program in 2019, as the osteopathic principles are very much in line with her own health philosophy. “The body is wise, intelligent and conscious, and it has the capacity to heal itself.” As a practitioner, I am here to assist with that process by following the listen and applying my skill and knowledge to the best of my ability.

Lisa Marie is a Registered Massage Therapist, trained at the East-West College Of The Healing Arts in Portland Oregon. She continues to enjoy the longevity of her profession and holds a membership with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. (NHPC).

Lisa is a Certified Manual Osteopathic Therapist graduating with honours from the Manual Osteopathic College Of Canada. Member of the: Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapist Association. (CMMOTA)

Lisa has facilitated retreats and classes in the embodiment work of Authentic Movement and Core Connexion. She also works as a Life Cycle Celebrant and Ceremonialist, marking life’s important threshold crossings.

For appointments please call 403-910-1133, email, or book online.