Adrenals After The Holidays

After the holiday hustle, our adrenals often pay the price, leading to fatigue and the winter blues. Dr. Sarah Roth at Marda Loop Wellness discusses the adrenal stress cycle many experience from pre-holiday excitement to post-holiday burnout. She offers insights into recognizing these phases and suggests naturopathic strategies for recovery, including lifestyle changes, supplementation, and rest. Ready to rejuvenate your adrenals and embrace a healthier new year?

Adrenals – What the heck are those again?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and running on fumes? Your adrenal glands could be the culprit. These small but mighty glands produce our stress hormones and regulate important bodily functions. When overtaxed, adrenal fatigue can leave you anxious, depressed, prone to illness, and struggling with weight gain and hormonal imbalances. But there’s hope! Click to read about simple steps that can revitalize your adrenals and help you reclaim your vibrant, resilient self.