Intravenous Therapy

The IV Suite Experience

At Marda Loop Naturopathic & Wellness Clinic, our IV treatments are administered in a group setting consisting of six chairs in a cozy, calm environment. It is generally very peaceful with patients reading, snoozing, listening to music or otherwise relaxing throughout the treatment, though sometimes it does get lively with patients chatting and connecting with one another. Tea and water are provided, along with magazines, books and soothing music, but patients are encouraged to bring their own snacks to enjoy during their session if desired (highly recommended for treatments lasting over 60min).

About Intravenous (IV) Therapy

Calgary IV Therapy AboutThere are times when the body requires more nutrients than we are able to ingest through diet and oral supplementation: compromised digestion, recovery from surgery, chronic illness, exceptional athletic demands, hypothyroidism, poor immunity.

These are times when we can offer the body medicine, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream where they can be delivered at a fast rate to replenish stores and enable the body to heal quickly and effectively.

By putting nutrients directly into the bloodstream we bypass the digestive tract, which would absorb only a fraction of the nutrients we can get in if we use IV Therapy. We also bypass the liver, where many of our nutrients are broken down and become unavailable for use in the body. When we need more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than what we can get through diet, IV Therapy is the treatment of choice.

What Is In The IV?

IV formulas incorporate any of the following:
✓ Vitamin C
✓ B Vitamins
✓ Minerals
✓ Amino Acids
✓ Phospholipids
✓ Antioxidants
✓ Herbal Agents
✓ Chelating Agents
✓ Immune Agents
✓ Electrolytes
✓ Sugars

Why Intravenous vs. Oral Supplementation?

The two are not always mutually exclusive, but IV medicine confers several advantages:

  • Delivery of nutrients directly to the target tissues
  • Ability to safely deliver higher dose of nutrients without gastrointestinal reactions
  • Bypass first pass metabolism in the liver, which selects exactly how much oral nutrient to absorb
  • Ability to custom blend formulations based on the need of the patient
  • Bypass often sluggish GI system with suboptimal nutrient absorption

How Schedule Your IV Treatment

We look forward to hosting you in our IV suite. All patients receiving IV treatments must go through a full medical workup with one of our Naturopathic Doctors or be referred from a qualified Medical Doctor or Naturopathic Doctor for IV treatments.

Existing Clinic Naturopathic Patients

Schedule a brief 15 minute appointment with your ND. Schedule Your Appointment Easily Online Now

New Clinic Naturopathic Patients

Requires an initial visit and relevant blood work for the type of treatment to be administered. To book an appointment – [Link To Initial IV Appointment].

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