Chelation Therapy

What is Chelation Therapy?

Calgary IV Chelation- TreatmentChelation therapy is a treatment used to detoxify the body of toxic metals by binding them and carrying them away in the urine. Chelation can be administered orally, or more commonly, intravenously with one or both of two specific chelating agents – EDTA and DMPS, each of which has affinity for different metals.

For more than 40 years chelation has been used successfully for patients with vascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis, as well as heavy metal poisoning. The FDA has approved chelation as the only treatment for lead poisoning.

Improving circulation by the removal of accumulated build up (plaques) that damage the vascular system is a primary benefit of chelation therapy and is of particular benefit in patients with heart disease, diabetes and other circulatory disorders. During and following chelation therapy, the blood flow from major arteries all the way to the smallest capillaries is improved.

FAQ About Chelation Therapy

How long does it take to get the metals out?

The recommended initial series for most patients is 30 treatments. Some patients choose more than 30 treatments to achieve maximum improvement in their blood flow. These treatments can be done 1, 2 or 3 times a week, but no more. Maintenance treatments are recommended at one or two month intervals to maintain improved circulation. The number and frequency of treatments is based on your doctor’s recommendation, your preferences and the goals of treatment. Treatment can last 3-6mo but may last as long as 3-6 years.

What are the expected results of chelation therapy?

The results are as varied as the patients’ conditions, but improvement is usually achieved. Chest pain may be lessened, blood pressure lowered, memory improved, transient ischemic attacks stopped, leg pain relieved, cold extremities warmed and work tolerance improved. Hearing improvement can be accomplished if not due to injury. Laboratory tests and follow-up office visits with your ND will monitor your specific progress.

Why do I have to supplement and have mineral repletion IVs during my chelation treatment?

While chelation therapy is designed to remove heavy metals from the body, during the process essential minerals are also removed from the body. This makes it essential to replenish vital minerals in between your chelation sessions to ensure adequate stores are maintained. Intravenous re-mineralization treatments must be administered in a 1:1 ratio with chelation treatments, administered at least 24 hours apart. This is not negotiable.

Oral mineral supplementation between your IV chelation treatments will also be recommended along with nutrients that support the liver, kidneys and detoxification pathways. This maximizes the effectiveness of chelation treatment while ensuring that you stay healthy in the process.

How much will it cost?

Prices will vary depending on the frequency and type of chelation administered. Details will be discussed during your pre-chelation appointment. The speed at which chelation occurs can be catered to the patient’s financial feasibility.

What should I expect at my appointment time?

Ensure you are hydrated and nourished prior to your appointment. Upon arrival at the clinic, you will be asked to give a urine sample for analysis and you will have your vitals assessed. Your IV treatments will be administered in our IV suite, in which other patients will be simultaneously receiving IV treatments. Your IV will be administered by a licensed naturopathic doctor, who will answer any questions or concerns that you may have at this time. Once your IV is hooked up, you relax and are encouraged to rest, read or enjoy any other quiet activity. Your IV treatment will take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the type of treatment you are receiving. There are virtually no dangerous side effects from chelation treatment, although some experience a brief period of fatigue after a treatment. Once your IV is completed, you are free to engage in all your normal activities.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Properly preparing for your chelation treatment minimizes your risk of adverse reactions and increases your comfort during and after the IV. Ensure you eat a protein meal prior to each appointment, ensure you are well hydrated (500-1000ml water) and that you are feeling well. Bring a protein snack to eat during your IV. Have a sauna before your appointment if you are able.

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