IV Therapy Treatments

IV therapy treatments are administered in the relaxing atmosphere of our dedicated IV Suite by a licensed Naturoapthic Doctor. Full list of IV Therapies are list below.

Prerequisites to Booking Intravenous (IV) Therapy Treatment Online

Must have one of the following to book an IV Therapy Treatment online:

  • Must have had an initial appointment with one of the clinic Doctors.
  • Must have an IV therapy treatment prescribed by of the clinic Doctors.
Looking for an IV therapy treatment in Calgary but do not meet the prerequisites above?
Please call (403.910.1133) or email (patientcare@mardaloopwellness.com) as we will be happy to setup an appointment with one of the clinic Doctors to discuss your IV therapy treatment options.

Supplement IV Treatments

  • Multi-Mineral (60 min)
  • Myers (30 min)
  • Glutathione (15 min)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (60 min)
  • Wound Healing (60 min)
  • Muscle Relax (30 min)
  • Super Immune (120 min)
  • Asthma (60 min)

High Dose Vitamin C IV Treatments

  • Vitamin C – 15g (60 min)
  • Vitamin C – 25g (120 min)
  • Vitamin C – 50g (120 min)
  • Vitamin C – 75g (120 min)
  • Vitamin C – 100g (120 min)

IV Chelation Treatments

  • IV Chelation Therapy
    Can include EDTA and/or DMPS chelation therapies. Note price depends on chelation therapies prescribed by Naturopathic Doctor. Any questions about booking a chelation therapy please call clinic at 403-910-1133.
  • IV Chelation Therapy Remineralization (120 min)

IV Ozone Treatments

  • IV Ozone Therapy (45 min)
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