Adrenals – What the heck are those again?

Adrenal Support

We have two little adrenal glands that sit like mini toques on top of the kidneys. These small but mighty glands pump out our stress hormones including cortisol and adrenaline as well as various substances involved in the regulation of blood pressure, immune response, sex hormone secretion, and metabolism. When we are stressed, depleted, exhausted and overwhelmed by life stressors our adrenals are required to pump out stress hormones at an exorbitant rate and eventually burn themselves out leaving us feeling like life is all too much. When our adrenals are taxed we can feel overwhelmed even with simple tasks, we can feel depressed or anxious (or both), our immune system takes a hit leaving us vulnerable to every bug going around, our libido plummets,  we can gain weight that seems impossible to lose, and (ladies, and men who love their ladies) menopause and PMS symptoms can be a whole lot worse!

If you feel like this is you – you’re not alone – thankfully there is a road to recovery! One that can get you back to the vibrant and resilient self that you used to be. Some simple steps can include:

  • Taking time for R&R, whether this be a holiday to just taking the time to get into a relaxed state (take a hike in the mountains, watch a movie, snuggle up with your partner, book a massage, go for a float, try meditating, sleep for 10 hours … the list is endless….)
  • Considering adrenal supplements
  • Booking in for a nutrient IV to help replenish vital nutrients that feed the adrenal glands

Book in with your Naturopathic Doctor to discuss other options and cater a plan that’s right for you.

This article was written by Dr. Sarah Roth, ND.  To book an appointment with Dr. Roth click here.

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