10 Year Anniversary Reflections

As we mark our 10 year anniversary at Marda Loop Wellness this month, we’re showcasing personal sentiments, memories and stories from our team members, who are like family to us. We are thankful to have the most incredible team, and we’re in awe of the fantastic community we have! Thank you for your ongoing support of our clinic, from the bottom of our hearts.

Meet Lisa 

First up, is a reflection from Lisa! She’s one of our lovely, warm and skilled massage therapists. She brings so much sunshine and joy into our clinic:

I have worked at the Marda Loop Wellness Clinic since August of 2015! There is so much that I appreciate about working here. First and foremost, it is the incredible team of doctors and practitioners. We are a multidisciplinary clinic that values the various skills and modalities that people may benefit from. Everyone is kind, considerate, caring and positive. We are professional and relaxed. I also appreciate that we are collaborative and independent! 

The funny thing about the layout of the clinic is that we are always scaring each other as we round corners and then have a good laugh. 

I love that we all have big windows that open, giving us natural light and fresh air.

I think one of the most meaningful memories was when we came together in the IV room to do a ceremony to mark the passing of a clinic colleague who had passed away. 

Happy 10 years, Marda Loop Wellness!

Meet Sarah 

Next up is of our Doctors of Naturopathic medicine, the lovely Dr. Sarah Roth. She is such a bright light and source of joy in the clinic!

“As Confucius famously said, choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. That’s how I feel about being a Naturopathic Doctor.

But it’s not just the role, it’s the people I have the joy of interacting with every day that makes it so wonderful. My colleagues at MLNWC are some of the most inspirational, grounded, and beautiful people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Together an environment is created that invites wellness, that values patient care above all else and that creates a safe space for healing to take place.

This space and team has welcomed the most fabulous clients and patients, another set of incredible humans who brighten my life with their raw honesty, stories and all the quirks that make this life so rich. I feel blessed every single day for all the beautiful people I encounter and it’s what has kept me coming back for 9 of the 10 years this clinic has existed. Cheers to many more years and adventures to come!

Thank you all for your faith and trust along the way. We couldn’t do this without you.”

Meet Courtney 

She’s is one of our exceptional Administrative Assistants! She has a wonderful way of making sure everyone feels at home when they walk into our space. Courtney reflects on what it means to be a part of the Marda Loop Wellness Community!

I love working with this team, it really is the team and all of our clients coming in that makes the job so special. It means so much to be a part of a community who all have the same mindset and want to work together on a collaborative level. I love to see all of you so inspired to take charge of your health!

Meet Verlyne 

Verlyne is our lovely Psychologist on our team here at Marda Loop Wellness:

“I have been very fortunate to work among a wonderful group of professionals who are passionate and dedicated healers. I looked for a long time and at many places before joining the team in 2014, I am glad I did and have not looked back since. I can say without hesitation that this has been and continues to be the most supportive work environment. I am happy to celebrate this milestone with Marda Loop Wellness — And to many more years!”

Meet Lindsey 

Dr. Lindsey Hanson is someone that you would describe as feeling like home…because of her warmth and vibrant smile! She’s one of our extremely talented Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine here at the clinic:

The moment I walked into the clinic and met Dr. Irwin and all our amazing associates, I knew I wanted to be a part of this clinic. The team at MLNWC is nurturing, inspiring, and brilliant in all the ways they work to support each other, our patients, and clients. I just knew I wanted to join the team and family. I packed up my bags and moved here from Vancouver in 2018, and have enjoyed every minute of establishing my practice within this wonderful clinic.

Along with practicing amongst such marvellous and inspiring colleagues, I have truly appreciated connecting with my patients. I feel honoured to share their struggles and challenges with them and support them as they achieve their health goals. Thank-you for your trust and strength as we work together on this journey towards health. 

Congratulations on 10 years! I look forward to many more.

Meet Lavanya 

She’s one of our extremely talented registered massage therapists here at Marda Loop Wellness:

I joined the Marda Loop Wellness team in July 2017 after meeting Dr. Lindsay Irwin and instantly connecting. She radiates authentic compassion and I knew I wanted to be a part of this fabulous team. What a gift to collaborate, learn and share from each other! I am so grateful to be a part of MLNWC and I’m honoured to work alongside some of the most caring, delightful and knowledgable practitioners. Thank you Lindsay for cultivating a beautiful healing clinic that holds space for healing body, mind and spirit.

Happy 10th Anniversary Marda Loop – Here’s to many more years of facilitating health and healing!

Meet Hillary

Dr. Hillary Dinning reflects on her journey to joining and being a part of our incredible team. She’s one of our warm, inviting and talented Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine:

When I first started at the clinic, I cold called and asked if I could do an internship with Lindsay, which I did! A couple months later after I graduated, I started my naturopathic career here. I feel incredibly fortunate to have walked into such a beautiful environment with this team, who has since exploded. I love this warm, collaborative and fun team! There is so much amazing energy in this space and I’m proud of Lindsay for being such an amazing leader.

Meet Layle 

Layle is our one of our friendly and exceptional Administrative Assistants here at Marda Loop:

I have been working in the Naturopathic & Wellness industry for 13 years. Over this period I have seen and learned a lot about the importance of patient advocacy and having a provider who is not only knowledgeable but genuinely listens and cares for their patients. One of the best aspects about working at MLW is that I can really say we have created an environment that completely supports our patients and puts their needs first. We really take care of each other. We have a great team who genuinely like each other, share laughs throughout the day, and respect the care that each team member has to offer, making it simple to provide patients with all of the care that they need in one location. I love that I have formed a great rapport with the patients! 

This clinic makes me as an individual and support staff feel needed, respected and valued as well. It has been four great years with MLW and I hope that there will be many more to come. Happy 10 Years Marda Loop!

Meet Leisha 

She’s a calming, intuitive, talented and wondrous force here at the clinic! Leisha’s our Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Registered Acupuncturist:

Joining MLW felt like a grounding exhale and arrival home.

I love how we take care of each other, the collective wisdom, laughter (the east wing might be the loudest source), shenanigans, food sharing, and shared love of our clients and teamwork to jointly empower our clients to advocate for their wellness. And of course, the cookie and brownie runs to Our Daily Brett. Just when you need it, a cookie magically shows up on your desk to brighten your day.

To finish your day with more energy and joy than you started with, is a rare gift. Happy Anniversary to the team at MLW – I love each of you so!

Meet Mitch 

He’s our Building Biology EMF Consultant – and a huge part of our team here at Marda Loop Wellness:

Reflecting on the last 10 years at MLNWC, I just can’t say how grateful I am for the quality of practitioners that are attracted to our clinic and the outstanding patients that walk through our doors. From time to time I get the honour of working the front desk and hearing the direct impact the clinic is having on patients.

I’ve heard a patient’s mom tell me that Dr. Roth has been a guide on her daughter’s health journey, encouraging her daughter to do the hard work. And she was seeing the results! Sometimes you just need the right guide.

Another time while I was working the front desk a person walked in and ask if we could help with a specific condition. I didn’t even have to answer them as a person waiting behind them gave a rave review about how Dr. Irwin had helped them with that specific condition. It’s referrals like this and the one our patients give their friends and family we consider the warmest of compliments.

While in the IV suite getting an IV I saw other patients sharing recipes and other tips that have helped them on their health journey. In that moment I realized that some of the help our patients get is not from the practitioners but from the interactions with other patients. How cool is that!

Lastly, I wanted to thank all the patients for their trust in our practitioners and the increasing number of referrals they give to their families and friends. Thank you!

Meet Lindsay

Our incredible clinic owner Dr. Lindsay Irwin, wrote a love letter to the clinic to reflect back and celebrate this huge milestone! Read the full love letter here.

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